The Equalizer in Action


Design Concept

Symmetrical Power [SP] offers new concepts in Distribution Board [DB] design for both the single phase and three phase configurations. The changes are very different from the standard DBs and have been designed to overcome an array of problems when balancing, installing and maintaining these apparatus which are essentially the heart of an electrical system.

Modular Technology

SPs’ Product – The Equalizer, encompasses a design that is concerned with safety, versatility, speed of installation and ease of balancing the three phase conductors.

Quick Shift Phase Symmetry

The exceptional characteristics that come with this unique design, do not require the use of unnecessary paraphernalia or ancillary equipment; its robust build has no moving parts and employs further Jumper Technology for quick shift phase selection for every Single Phase circuit. Each circuit can be measured for operating current and totalled by the built in ammeter then changed accordingly to give the optimum symmetry, this mitigates levies put on by the utility company due to unbalanced circuits and therefore maximises efficient energy usage, which also means equipment can run more efficiently and increase appliance longevity.

Default Earth Leakage Protection

This new and innovative distribution board can offers default earth/ground leakage protection using RCD’s on the left or right bank of circuits. This safety addition, can for a change, actually save on cost instead of increasing it by reducing the amount of RCBO’s that would ordinarily be needed on current distribution boards to attain full earth leakage protection.

Summary of Characteristics

When phases are used singularly, The Equalizer offers quick shift phase balancing of L1 L2 & L3; this can mitigate the current that will go back down the Neutral conductor. Phase symmetry prevents heating up of conductors caused by overload and will stop nuisance tripping; this will also mean lower utility bills and will avert unnecessary waste energy production, sequentially lowering Co2 emissions.

 Earth leakage protection is guaranteed on every circuit at minimal costs, (current three phase distribution boards cannot offer this level of safety)
  • Line and Neutral can be isolated independently on any circuit, full power shutdown is no longer necessary, and therefore is well suited to airports, hospitals, data communication centres, and many more industries when there is a need to work on a single circuit during for maintenance/faults. Inconvenience is kept to a minimum and safe working is not compromised.
  •     Excellent safety, all conductors are can be isolated.
  •     Fast easy install with human error virtually eliminated.
  •     No mess maintenance and simple fault finding.
  •     The Equalizer can utilise a 1,2,3 or 4 Pole Circuit Breaker AND 1 Pole & Neutral L+N (18mm) on any given circuit with ‘adaptive        output  technology’ so changing the output/s to Live or Neutral or L&N enhances the SP Boards flexibility.

Why Utilise Your Power Symmetrically?

The Independant CATAPULT/NAREC Energy Report on Balancing

Everything in life requires balance, this applies to engineering too.

For example, when a car tyre is unbalanced, there will be vibrations and the steering will shake. Apart from the uncomfortable ride, when the problem persists it leads to:

       –  Uneven or Excessive Tyre Tread Wear

       – Steering defects

       – Faulty Shock Absorbers and Wheel Bearings

       – Poor Fuel Economy

These of course have economic implications and will eventually lead to unnecessary cost and so are best remedied as soon as possible.


Why Balance Your Electrics?

Maximum demand costs are incurred because of running loads unbalanced* – this is because in Distribution Boards, asymmetrical loads cause energy loss through the cables in turn, power stations to produce extra and unnecessary power and wear on electrical infrastructure, they set a maximum demand tariff for this reason which results in higher bills for consumers and at the same time where coal fire power stations provide the energy, excessive CO2 is emitted; this equates to millions of tonnes when it is considered that millions of boards are in use with asymmetrical power loads. For more information, please see The Marshall Tufflex Example here or below.

*Proven Tests validated by CATAPULT/NAREC

The Problem With Current DB’s?

Every other DB on the market worldwide, do not and cannot re-balance unless power is switched off and it is re-wired, this is very impractical and so is seldom done.


The Solution?

The ability to dynamically adjust phases during maintenance; The Equalizer has revolutionised DB’s and so re-balancing is simple and now a reality.



 We commissioned an independent laboratory(CATAPULT/NAREC) to validate this technology. These tests were to affirm the C02 reductions and energy saving potential that The Equalizer offers. 

The Marshall Tufflex Example

The above above document is courtesy of Marshall Tufflex Ltd