Our team collectively have achieved all our milestones to date. We see big potential in every moment and care deeply about what we do every day. Our unique development guarantees that we have the very best staff at every level of operation. Our leadership team reflects a group of diverse individuals with a wealth of experience and knowledge for success.

Prem Singh: Director

Prem is a time served Electrical/Mechanical Engineer who worked for Ford Motor Co. and has extensive experience in manufacturing high-quality products with the benefit of Six Sigma and the Ford Production System (Lean Manufacturing) He is also a certified Quality Controller focusing on excellence and continuous improvement whilst ensuring profitability when delivering The Equalizer.   


Steve Green of Hilton-Green Technical Services


Steven Green is the owner of Hilton-Green Technical Services [HGTS] who support manufacturers through the product conformity process by guiding them through the test and assessment requirements detailed in harmonized standards demonstrating that their products comply with the essential requirements of safety legislation, thereby meeting the requirements for affixing the UKCA and CE conformity marks. Steve has extensive experience of Low-voltage switchgear from almost 40 years of in the manufacturing industry, of which the last twelve have been in product verification where Steve has gained a detailed working knowledge of the BS EN / IEC 61439 series of Low-voltage switchgear& Control gear Standards and other LV product standards.

SP has engaged the services of HGTS to assist with their new product design verification testing (The Equalizer) and has found their services to be invaluable when understanding the requirements of the standard BSEN 61439-3 which they are working to. HGTS’s knowledge of this standard has significantly facilitated this phase of SP’s product development. As SP continues with its development of further products, they will continue using the services of HGTS.