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Throughout the World in every building, be it Residential, Commercial or Industrial, Distribution Boards [DB’s] are a necessity. 


Symmetrical Power [SP] is the Pioneer of the highly innovative Equalizer ™ DB which creates a significant step change in this Epicentre of the Electrical Industry and it has been endorsed by many Experts & Companies in this space including U.K. Universities. 

The Equalizer ™ means Big savings on Energy bills, Enhanced Safety, Versatility, Very low maintenance costs and because it uses energy efficiently, a reduction in Carbon Emissions is a by-product; this equipment uses Patented Phase Shift Technology™ which equalises electrical energy delivery from the three phases ensuring power is used effectively & proficiently. 

The Electrical Distribution board arena has a global market of £5 to 15BN* per year

*Source – Keynote



When The Equalizer was showcased to Major Companies, it pleasantly exceeded their highest expectations and in their own words The Equalizer is the ‘holy grail’ in DB technology.

We’ve instilled innovation into the 3-phase Distribution Board (aka TP&N) and produced the most advanced solution the Electrical world is looking for.

Modular Technology


The ability to isolate or change phases dynamically whilst the distribution board is still live is unrivalled, this equates to a 99% reduction in disruption of circuits, meaning businesses will have minimal downtime when maintenance or faults arise.

Fast to fit & Copper Saving


The Equalizer proved to be 1/3 faster and saves 1/2 Kg in Copper Wiring to install than standard boards, this has been of huge interest to Property developers.

Active Circuit transformers


Our low cost adaptive technology uses Hi-Tech instruments generating algorithms that optimise energy comsumption and assisting preventative maintenance. These are compatible with cloud based technologies. SP is designing the APBS [Automatic Phase Balancing System] this will negate the need for costly manual adjustments

The Equalizer is the perfect solution for the worlds  Electrical distribution needs.

The Equalizer - Its Applications



The Equalizer Single phase enables 100% safety for the end user and installer with traceability fast fit technology; this aids fault finding and halves installation time.



The Power Distributed on board ships requires efficient delivery and they utilise many distribution boards connected through bus bar systems, inefficiency can only lead to more fuel usage and so The Equalizer is well suited to maximise on board electricity generation in addition to its maintenance and fault downtime reduction factors.


Commercial Buildings such as Schools, Hospitals Skyscrapers, Airports Shopping Centres and many other buildings will benefit hugely from The Equalizer particularly for maintenance, general faults where downtime is critical.

Data Centres

Data centres are prone to downtime and breakers tripping, replacing these are highly disruptive and so The Equalizer functionality is paramount, breakers can be individually isolated and replaced within minutes instead of a complete shutdown.

Heavy Industry

Power Delivery in Heavy Industry applications has several types of electrical loads – Inductive, Resistive and Capacitive. The Equalizer capability of ‘load learning’ will offer best phase allocations to machinery and offer signalling during abnormal running of equipment/machines and addition will keep downtime to absolute minimum, this is crucial for Factories and Manufacturing plants, were simple faults can cost £££… per hr.

Critical Applications

Explosions and fire on Oil Rigs & Chemical plants are naturally of huge concern, electricity is and can be very hazardous and so electrical systems require very high Ingress Protection (IP). The Equalizer has been designed to prevent arcing during install/maintenance and with a high IP rating is well suited to this application.