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Symmetrical Power is an electrical engineering company on a mission to produce highly innovative single and three phase distribution boards that will substantially improve many aspects of electrical circuit protection. The highlights of these new products for the installer range from safety to versatility; and to the end users it will mean a reduction in their carbon emissions output whilst simultaneously lowering energy and maintenance costs. This is achieved thanks to its multi-socketplug and play technology which will equalise electrical energy delivery from the three phases ensuring energy is used effectively and efficiently.



What are Distribution or Fuse Boards?

These apparatus are an absolute necessity in every structure or premises throughout the world that utilise electricity. Their essential role is to distribute the electric supply to many circuits and protect electrical wiring in many situations ranging from preventing fires to mitigating the risk of electric shock to persons arising from faulty wiring or defective electrical appliances. Distribution Boards take the form of single phase for domestic use to three phase for use in light commercial and heavy industry. Circuit breakers are used to protect circuits and are hardwired to terminals inside of a distribution board. In the event of a fault, they disconnect power to the circuit from the power source. There are three main types of circuit breaker that are used extensively:


The Miniature Circuit Breaker also known as an MCB can protect a circuit attached to it from pulling too much power/current and can also protect a circuit in the event of a short circuit (accidental straight connection of a live and neutral terminal) both these faults can lead to an electrical fire.


A Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Over Current Protection also known as an RCBO does the same as a MCB but with the added advantage that if current was to leak and unbalance the circuit, then the RCBO will construe this imbalance being caused by a fault current going to a person and will immediately disconnect.


The Residual Current Device also known as an RCD, can detect current leakage through a imbalance mechanism similar to the RCBO but protects a group of MCB's. This is the common method of fault current protection as it is cost effective; the down side is that if one circuit causes the RCD to trip out then other MCB’s connected to the RCD will also lose power.

A circuit that is protected by an RCBO will have maximum protection but with independence from an RCD. This is useful for say a fridge freezer circuit, so that in the event of a fault unassociated with the appliance or its circuit, the RCD will trip disconnecting power to other circuits, and the appliance would remain on preventing spoilage to its contents.
Inversely, should the appliance or it's circuit develop a fault, then the RCBO will trip and other circuits will remain unaffected.

The ID Board (Intelligent Distribution Board) by Symmetrical Power

Symmetrical Power is in the development stage of creating a completely evolutionised single phase and three phase distribution boards that will have significant advantages over the existing products available.

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Latest News

The ID board has now secured a UK Patent, this was granted in September 2016 and it has also entered the PCT Phase.